Monday, August 14, 2017

Light and Wide-Open Spaces

I recently came across a collection of furniture and accessories from the Spanish retailer Let's pause. Their objects are simple and organic, reflective of things handmade. I love their overall philosophy - casual, simple and relaxed. The natural style of each piece invites you to enjoy the moment, the light and wide-open spaces. 

The roots of each piece brings one back to nature:  wood, straw, clay, iron, wicker. They are humble objects that speak of their rural Mediterranean origin. They all exude a simple style that radiates a casual simplicity and invites you to enjoy the moment at our own pace and without fuss.

"The artisan roots of each piece brings us back to nature; the straw used in the lamps that casts light and shadow on the walls, branches of a tree that have been captured in chairs, stools and ladders or a sparse geometry and shameless sobriety that knows how to feel at home in any environment and at all occasions." - Let's pause

The ethos that Let's pause reflects in its pieces is exactly what I hoped to achieve in my own home. While decorating my foyer recently, I tried to create a light and airy relaxed space that wasn't heavy or too traditional. I hung up straw baskets from Pakistan and Zambia and wooden plates from India. I created a wooden ladder all myself from branches in my yard. I combined a yard sale bench with a casual honeycombed patterned sisal pillow. I love the simple relaxed look inspired by Let's pause.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Seagull Cottage - The Perfect Getaway

As the end of summer is fast approaching, I am still dreaming of a relaxing getaway.
I found just the place! Seagull Cottage.

It is a much loved family beach cottage in Churchhaven on the west coast of South Africa. A bit off the grid with no television and no wifi, this whitewashed little house is an oasis of tranquility surrounded by the soft, sage greens of the West Coast National Park. The house is a visual pleasure full of objects like paintings, mirrors, plates and much loved treasures. It is a casual retreat where one goes to unwind, watch sunsets and swim among the warm gentle waves of the tidal lagoon.


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Vintage Industrial Aussie Home

An 1860's miner's cottage has been transformed into a stunning vintage home with industrial style. Located in the spa town of Daylesford, Victoria, it is just a stone's throw from Melbourne. This charming two bedroom house and studio is surrounded by pine, willow and fruit trees and overlooks the Wombat State Forest. This chic country home was restored and re-designed by interior designer and stylist Kali Cavanagh. Its original features are highlighted by vintage elements like old church doors, an 18th century dining table, a 1930s stove and various antiques. The home is furnished with industrial style accents like steel chairs and old ship's lights as well as custom-made pieces like a steel-framed window and metal-framed mirror designed by Kali herself.

This luxurious open floor plan home is painted in neutral greys and whites to create a flow of light, with a cozy sitting room featuring a moody palette of dark grey.

Vintage House Daylesford is a stunning mix of old and new. It's everything you'd want in a boutique Aussie home - an 1860's miner's cottage restored and styled with incredible vintage industrial touches.
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