Monday, August 14, 2017

Light and Wide-Open Spaces

I recently came across a collection of furniture and accessories from the Spanish retailer Let's pause. Their objects are simple and organic, reflective of things handmade. I love their overall philosophy - casual, simple and relaxed. The natural style of each piece invites you to enjoy the moment, the light and wide-open spaces. 

The roots of each piece brings one back to nature:  wood, straw, clay, iron, wicker. They are humble objects that speak of their rural Mediterranean origin. They all exude a simple style that radiates a casual simplicity and invites you to enjoy the moment at our own pace and without fuss.

"The artisan roots of each piece brings us back to nature; the straw used in the lamps that casts light and shadow on the walls, branches of a tree that have been captured in chairs, stools and ladders or a sparse geometry and shameless sobriety that knows how to feel at home in any environment and at all occasions." - Let's pause

The ethos that Let's pause reflects in its pieces is exactly what I hoped to achieve in my own home. While decorating my foyer recently, I tried to create a light and airy relaxed space that wasn't heavy or too traditional. I hung up straw baskets from Pakistan and Zambia and wooden plates from India. I created a wooden ladder all myself from branches in my yard. I combined a yard sale bench with a casual honeycombed patterned sisal pillow. I love the simple relaxed look inspired by Let's pause.

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