Monday, February 26, 2018

Høst - A Nordic Atmosphere in a Modern Environment

Although I appreciate many different design styles including Modern Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial, Contemporary Greek, French Country and Bohemian (hence, the GLOBAL villa), I  more often find myself gravitating toward the Scandinavian style. I came across the ultra cool restaurant Høst. It reflects perfectly this organic, minimalistic and modern aesthetic. The restaurant is located in a classic Copenhagen building in Denmark. It is a collaboration between restauranteurs Cofoco along with Danish design company Menu and Norm Architects. It encompasses perfectly the Scandinavian design aesthetic. Exposed brick walls and Danish mid-century furniture lends itself to an organic rural Nordic atmosphere in a modern urban environment. 

Høst Restaurant features a minimalism with a softness. Objects include vintage wooden cutting boards, mismatched chairs, wooden palettes and elegant slates with soft woolen throws and ceramics. The color palette is neutral and earthy. Black scissor style industrial lights add an urban touch while exuding a cozy atmosphere despite the minimalist and simplistic design.

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