Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Modern Eco-Friendly Mountain Home

Located in the spectacular Coast Mountain range of British Columbia just a couple hours north of Vancouver, is the Canadian resort town of Whistler. It a favorite year round destination featuring epic skiing, mountain biking, spas and endless outdoor activities. It is the ultimate place to escape and unwind. Designer Sophie Burke along with Vancouver-based Burgers Architects captured this mountain culture in a family home by incorporating eco-friendly, locally sourced materials with a Scandinavian minimalistic aesthetic.

This calm, light-filled home is the perfect place to relax after participating in outdoor activities. Although very contemporary with textures like concrete, whitewashed flooring and a palette of greys and tans, it is both calm and homey. Natural, organic elements like ceramics, leather, wool and linen soften the edges and ensure a warm and inviting feeling. 

Eco-friendly materials were incorporated into the home's design. Using locally-sourced timber and marble along with furniture, cabinetry and ceramics created by local designers and craftsmen, the entire mountain abode adheres to leading environmentally friendly standards and practices. Combining beauty, simplicity and functionality with innovative building practices, this Canadian mountain home epitomizes a calm modern Scandinavian aesthetic in its purist form.

ARCHITECTURE: Burgers Architecture INTERIOR DESIGN: Sophie Burke Design PHOTOGRAPHY: Ema Peter 

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