Saturday, July 7, 2018

Design Tour: Princeton

Yesterday was our 20th wedding anniversary, and my husband and I decided to celebrate at one of our favorite local restaurants, Agricola. "Agricola" meaning "Farmer" in Latin, embodies a farm-to-table spirit with a very modern twist. New York-based Celano Design Studio along with branding specialist Mucca Design, collaborated with owner Jim Nawn to develop this sophisticated and rustic eatery that evokes the farm in a modern and refined way. While the atmosphere is casual with exposed timbers, raw metals, industrial hardware, weathered brick and shelves of glass canning jars, it is also quite cosmopolitan. Lustrous metal finishes, large steel-framed windows, exposed piping and ducts, vintage railroad insulator cap pendants, and the pièce de résistance being a custom chandelier made from assorted crystal vases give the space a modern upscale vibe. There are private dining areas such as the Parlor which features a wall of vintage white ceiling medallions as it's focal point. And the Root Cellar features a gorgeous wood-paneled room with large wine barrels and racks. As the name reveals, Agricola is a authentic farm-to-table eatery unlike any other. Local ingredients and seasonal greens set the agenda at Agricola - served with a sense of both the rustic and the elegant, they perfectly reflect and embody the design and ethos of the space.

Sources:  Agricola Eatery | Celano Design Studio | Mucca Design

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