Thursday, October 18, 2018

Simple & Creative Halloween Decor

 Anne Sage

I'm always trying to be on the lookout for unique, simple and creative Halloween decor. With three kids, I really don't have the time or money for lavish Halloween decorations. Plus, I like to be a little understated when it comes to decorating for a holiday. I'm not really into the tacky, over-the-top, cover-the-entire-room kind of thing. When searching online for some ideas for this Halloween, I came across some super fun and easy decorations. Since I'm really digging what I found, I thought I'd share these great simple & creative Halloween decor ideas with you!

Decorating with white candles is so inexpensive. I love putting cute Halloween decals on the glass (I've done the same thing with a sharpie pen) and hot gluing plastic spiders on the outside is so easy! For a little more elegance, don't you just love the idea of those spider web candle wraps? I also love the idea of displaying an enormous amount of white candles on candlesticks? Kind of gives off a spooky mansion vibe.

 Get Celebration Ready

Aren't these floating ghosts made of white tissue paper so cute? I've also seen them made from white gauze. Just click on the photo to see the tutorial.

 Martha Stewart

I've seen so many simple and creative ways to cut pumpkins. I love diverting from the norm and painting them white. I like to use orange pumpkins to decorate for the beginning of fall, but once Halloween comes, change them up and paint and cut them into something scary.

As I mentioned before, I prefer to be a little understated when it comes to decorating for Halloween. Just using one simple black element is enough. How easy and unexpected is this snake wreath?

 Martha Stewart

Bats, bats and more bats! Cutting bats out of black construction paper is so simple. Such a simple and creative Halloween decor that can give a huge impact when you put a bunch together.

 fresh ideen

One of my favorite things is plaster hands. Believe it or not, these are really easy to make. I did it with my son for an art competition. Painting them white and drilling holes in them makes for a very scary and unique Halloween candle holder.

 Martha Stewart

 fresh ideen

Once of the easiest things I've come across is using branches that are spray-painted black. Don't you just love the easy peasy idea of laying them on a table and placing simple white candles around them? So simple and creative!

If you're throwing an adult Halloween party, I love the idea of making favors. These simple Halloween tags are so unique. Click on the link or image to get the free Halloween printables from Boxwood Avenue.

 Boxwood Avenue

Okay. I am crazy about pom poms. So when I came across this adorable pom pom garland from Lovely Indeed, I almost had a heart attack. Such a cute, modern, simple and creative Halloween decor idea.

 lovely indeed

I love love love garlands, especially if they are accompanied by mini lights. This plastic cup idea is so simple! This would be such a fun Halloween decoration to make with kids!

 Elle Mat & Vin

I love the creative idea of using painted wooden bird houses for a spooky village. You could really use some great embellishments, although I prefer them simple. And look, another way to use a simple spray-painted branch! Simple and creative!

Last but not least, if you have a little time, I really like the idea of making a paper cut-out Halloween village. Such a cute and simple idea. Check out Lia Griffith to see how she did it.

 Lia Griffith

I hope you were inspired to create by these simple and creative Halloween decor ideas. Happy Halloween!

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