Thursday, January 3, 2019

Scandi Patterns in Wallpaper

 Family Wallpaper

When you think of Scandinavian interior design, you often only think of white walls, minimalist decor and Ikea. But the Scandinavian aesthetic is full of color, shape and texture. And its all inspired by nature. Nature is big when it comes to Scandi patterns. Just look at the huge list of Scandinavian wallpaper designs. Taking its cue from nature with triangular shapes inspired by mountain ranges to abstract trees, pebbles, semi-circles and leaves, they can be soothing and tranquil as well as bold and full of contrast. I've discovered some amazing Scandi patterns in wallpaper to help inspire you to add touches of nature in your own home, the Scandi way!

Many designs found their inspo from Swedish folklore. They are classic, with detailed elements of fantasy and whims,y and a bit retro!

 Scandinavian Wallpaper

 Scandinavian Wallpaper

Tight ornamental motifs are subtle with tone-on-tone palettes.

 Scandinavian Wallpaper

 Scandinavian Wallpaper

Retro graphics and bold patterns are often soft. They are style-conscious yet have a traditional look.

 Scandinavian Wallpaper

Arches and curves take on a 3-dimensional effect. 

 Scandinavian Wallpaper

Stripes derive from 18th century Sweden.

 Scandinavian Wallpaper

Ferm Living’s pleasant Confetti wallpaper was created to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary: The monochrome wallpaper is speckled with beautiful golden confetti.

 Ferm Living

 Scandi at Home Magazine

The popular MissPrint patterns like Little Trees and Denver Blossom are available in bedding too! 

 John Lewis


 London Fashion Blog

 Wallpaper Direct

The popular Tatami Stripe inspired by Japanese tatami mats is available in fabric for upholstery and curtains.


The herringbone pattern from Ferm Living is bold and graphic.

 Finnish Design Shop

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