Monday, January 7, 2019

The House on the Göta River

Overlooking the Göta River in Gothenburg, Sweden is a building constructed in 1947 in the functionalist style, an airy urban plan developed in the 1930's at the Stockholm Exhibition. House number 6 is one residence within this stately structure. It is overflowing with a radiant light from its large windows framed with elegant black marble. High ceilings and large floor plans are trademarks of the functionalist style, giving this home a feeling of freedom and a connection with the magical river below. The interior is simple, clean and efficient, decorated in a minimalist style with light and airy furnishings. The style is practical without the heavy use of elements, only what is needed is used. Linen, woven baskets, sheepskin and light woods are the primary materials. Throws and blankets are layered creating a warm textured look. Modern prints, pale white walls and light parque floors are signature Scandinavian. This stunning house on the Göta River has distinguishing features of the Swedish design style that are not only functional but inviting, warm and elegant.

Source: | Photos: Janne Olander Interior

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