Friday, February 1, 2019

10 Scandinavian Interior Decor Obsessions


I've been obsessing over some amazing interior decor objects I've been noticing in Scandinavian interiors. Unfortunately, U.S. retailers haven't caught up to some of these trends. Some decor pieces are new to the interior design scene and others have been around for awhile. Regardless, my heart skips a beat when I stumble upon them on Instagram or Tumblr. Just thought I'd share some of my most recent Scandinavian Interior Decor Obsessions with you, in case you want to obsess along with me!


Obsession number 1:  Bamboo, rattan or metal framed, fabric shade pendant lights from Ay Illuminate. Ay Illuminate is a Dutch-owned company that works with artisans from challenged or developing countries to create unique products. I just love the organic, global feel. The Swedish home decor company, Interiörboden also makes several versions of this amazing suspended pendant light with a metal body and course natural linens.



@the_estate_trentham | @sandrashem

Obsession number 2:  I have been swept away by these hanging seagrass tapestries. Their tropical vibe and laid back attitude bring a little boho glamour to any room. From W.A.Green London

@nienkesplace | @biancas_wohnlust
Obsession number 3:  I've found the ultimate Hygge chairs. I've fallen in love with these stunning sheepskin covered lounge chairs. The Little Petra Chair designed by Denmark's architect Viggo Boesen has a soft, organic aesthetic. The overstuffed Tired Man Chair by Flemming Lassen has a curved bearlike shape that looks warm and cozy. These embody the essence of what a lounge chair should be.

designdelicatessen | @bylassen
Obsession number 4:  Icelandic long-haired sheepskin. This soft, plush and luxurious wool is definitely an eye-catcher! Natural and wild, it adds so much texture to a space. The texture of the wool is the result of the sheep adapting over the centuries to the harsh Icelandic landscape and climate. I especially love the natural greys, blacks and browns.



VACHT VAN VILT | nordsgn
Obsession number 5:  Little ball vases from Cooee Design of Sweden. They come in a number of colors, however, white is my favorite. They are hand-painted in a matte palette. They look so delicate and soft!

Obsession number 6:  Vintage looking garden scissors were everywhere this past Christmas right alongside natural looking Christmas wrap, twine and rustic decor. I love the added antique touch they add.

@interiorboden | @hegeinfrance | @emilianuusikuu
Obsession number 7:  From Ferm Living, comes the delicate yet stylish Balance candle holder. They come in three different finishes. I just love their simple geometric style.

ferm living  |  These Four Walls
Obsession number 8:  Hanging metal mobile candle holders and circular static candle holders are all the rage in Scandinavian interiors. They are simple, sculptural and minimal.



@kristinadamstudio  |  @interiorboden
Obsession number 9: As a Fine Artist, I am really appreciating all of the abstract black and white art I'm seeing. It is graphic, simple and minimalist, consisting mainly of plain shapes and lines. I especially love the uncomplicated and fluid abstract nudes.




 The Poster Club


Obsession number 10:  The classic cross-pattern everything! From blankets and pillows to wall art and textiles, the classic Swiss cross design is a huge hit in Nordic interiors. I can't get enough of it!


Pinterest  |  by Lisette
VOSGESPARIS  |  @jamiekaystore

Thanks for obsessing along with me!

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