Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The European Farmhouse Style

 Milieu Magazine

If you've been on Instagram or tumblr recently, you know how popular the farmhouse design style is. Ever since Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper made it an accessible trend, it is everywhere. Although Joanna incorporates some elements that are found in European design styles, her style is largely American, drawing from her Texas roots. You'll often find kitschy sayings and signs, artificial plants and overly cute objects and decor. In a European farmhouse interior, there is a polished and unrestrained elegance that distinguishes itself from the American approach. Nothing is artificial or garish. You'll find fresh flowers, branches from the yard, unpolished metals and natural linens. It is rustic, neutral and a tad bit masculine. The woods are raw and unfinished. The fabrics are loose and full of texture. There is a sign of age that conveys a ruggedness and imperfection. It is approachable and easy to relax in. Overall, it is organic and natural. Aging is welcomed and reflected in patinas on metals, scratches on wood, texture on walls and imperfections on vintage pieces.  

 Fleaing France

This European Farmhouse Style is an aesthetic that you can easily replicate with simple touches. Add texture with natural woolens, linens and baskets. Use muted colors that closely reflect the outdoors. Don't worry about blemishes on furniture. Incorporate collected pieces from flea markets and hand-me-downs that are timeless. Don't hesitate to feature painted furniture and layers of rugs. Keep things loose by using slipcovers. The result will be an approachable, tranquil space that is comforting, classic and timeless.

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