Tee-se-itse (diy)

Chicken Wire Bookcase

I love this soft grey bookcase. The addition of chicken wire in place of glass on the doors gives it an even more french country feel. You could easily do this yourself!


DIY - Un Automne Guirlande Facile

I love decorating for Fall. But with three busy kids, it is difficult to find the time. I came up with an easy diy Fall garland that I just love! It only requires a string of mini white lights, a hole punch and artificial leaves.


Punch a hole in the center of each leaf. Attach one leaf to each individual light, carefully pulling the leaf onto the stem of the light (not on the bulb).


It is so easy and beautiful. It really brings the outside colors of Fall in.


At night, we love turning on the lights.


Un automne guirlande facile!


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